Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Ray is home from his Asia work trip. Quite an adventure and he's a bit loopy from jet lag. I asked if I could steal some photos, and he agreed.  My dear readers will be happy to know that he fixed the pool problem immediately. Now he does have a filter cleaning project ahead of him, but the general crisis is averted. Whew!   So, he enjoyed Taipei, Taiwan but really loved Hong Kong. Great harbor view.
 Along the harbor they were celebrating cinema, so Ray had his photo snapped. He's my star.
 Hong Kong harbor at night, just one angle. I'll be featuring more whenever I need to entertain with pics and not words.
 Bruce Lee, of course. Way too cool statue.
And finally  -  food presentation. I'll have more pics of this and Ray described some of his tastebud forays. He gave it a go, and is pretty much happy to be back with my crappy American (fattening) cooking. But you can't beat these folks with presentation. Look closely - a dragon in mayo.

Sorry hon - here's the Miracle Whip jar - just go for it. I'm happy Ray's back. Yes, I missed him. The week seemed long. The breakdown is mended.


  1. Great pictures! I'm glad your pool problem got averted.

  2. I'd love to go to Hong Kong.one day. Ray's photos are a brilliant taster. Glad the pool issue is fixed.

  3. Wow that dragon in mayo is way cool! You could try a smiley face, with a squeeze bottle. I bet I could manage that. Great pictures.

  4. Nice! And glad the pool's fixed. :-)