Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ray's Adventures in Asian Food

 This is second hand story telling, but it's amusing. Ray and I are not adventurous eaters. Thus his trip to Asia proved daunting. However, he did not want to offend his hosts, so he gave it his best shot and downed some interesting food that he said , "I tried it, but will never eat again."  That's fair.  This first item is a shrimp with a sprinkling of gold dust. Ray likes shrimp (peeled) and wasn't keen on the head and everything aspect. But he said this went down just fine.
 Some kind of sushi thing with roe on top. Again - small and manageable
 No.  Let's just say that fish eyes staring are not gonna work.
 He has a video of the presentation of this plate. It took two workers to haul it to the table. Lovely platter and presentation with a driftwood base and an assortment of seafood product. Ray had tastes of everything.
Possibly one of his faves. This is coffee encrusted shrimp on a bread loaf presentation. He was very impressed with the artistic impression given at the table, and it was fine to take pictures. At times, items were presented with sparklers. It truly was a 2-1/2 hour lunch show. Quite unique for a very meat and potato couple. Ray did us proud.


  1. I dislike seafood, and food which stares at me, so I would have failed spectacularly at that meal. I am a terrible traveller :-(

  2. I don't like most seafood at the best of times. I think a trip to Asia would help me lose more than a few stubborn pounds.

  3. I'm so glad I didn't have to eat all those things with eyes. What a brave man!