Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Liebster of Faith?

Thanks to Nilanjana Bose at Madly-in-Verse
for giving me a Liebster Award. We are new found blog friends, thanks to A-to-Z and I appreciate her leap of faith to nominate me. 

Here goes nothing


1.  Describe yourself in one word.  inwardly wacky

2.  What is your beverage of choice when you're sitting writing a blogpost?
Diet Coke

3.  Complete the sentence. I can't do without my ..........glasses

4.   Name the top five things on your bucket list  - travel, travel, and travel
attend an Olympic event, attend Mardi Gras??

5.   What is your relationship with James Bond?  I'd like a ride in an Aston Martin, preferable zooming through Italy

6.   If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Back to Australia - I loved that country and people and want to see more

7.    What is the message that you would send out through your blog? Your life?
Have to laugh.  the world and people are crazy

8.   Every adult is a guardian to the children in his/her community. Agree?
yes - have to stay involved in the schools and parks/activities. But I admit I'm lacking in doing what I say

9.  Technology is making life...........better and also more complicated. It's a balance

10. Have you read any poetry beyond school? If yes, whose? Name a favourite poet.    Billy collins and Mary Oliver. I've been more open to poetry (and write some too) since school days (back then it was a chore)

11. Spring, summer, autumn or winter? Why?  Autumn - I was born in Ocotber, and I'm very good at raking leaves

Nila requested 11 random facts about myself. I'm being a rebel and giving 5 - 
1. I never broke a bone or tore anything until this toe tendon issue. Took me 57 years of clumsy close calls

2. I love photos or paintings of doors

3. Back when I was in college, I wrote a letter a week to my grandmother and she wrote back. We kept the postal service in business. To this day, I still enjoy old fashioned letter writing

4. Favorite comic strip - Pearls Before Swine

5. First thing I pack for a trip is reading material

Now I nominate some favorite folks for the Liebster Award
Betty at

Andrea at

Stephanie at

And I'm going to just have you folks give 10 random facts about yourself plus answer one key question - Where do you see yourself five years from now??

Congrats and enjoy being a Liebster

Thanks again to Nila Bose - Madly in Verse!!!


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  1. Congratulations! Yes, people are crazy. And I don't rake leaves, I mow them.

    1. sometimes they are just too thick to mow, that's when you can call me

  2. Congrats. Yep, nuts abound everywhere. Technology sure is a balance too.

  3. Congrats on the award and for nominating me! I will have to rremember to do this down the road. I like to learn more about propke6 when they do random facts like this about themselves. I ddon't think we will have many leaves to rake this year, but I do like autumn too.


    1. Have fun with it when you get a chance. Do cacti shed needles? That could be a fall rake challenge

  4. This was fun to read and learn a little more about you. Congratulations on your award!

    1. thanks. I drew a blank when thinking up random facts. Some folks when they do this are so clever.

  5. Aww, thank you for the nomination! I drink diet soda sometimes, too, but mostly water flavored with Mio when I'm writing.

  6. Hey. You are a steady new fave. Glad we met. Years to come!!

  7. It's great finding out more about people and it's so good when you find more common interests - I too LOVE photographs of front doors - and in fact an on-going art project of mine is based on this!!
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. you'll have to give us a glimpse of your art - let us open the door a crack

  8. Hi Joanne - love to have the opportunity to take in the Mardi Gras ... I was lucky enough to go to Munich Olympics .. way back when ... and I missed out on London as my mother was still alive ...

    Love architecture now - am appreciating it more .. congratulations to you on Nila's award of the Liebster!

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks. You have a variety of architecture to see in your travels