Monday, May 9, 2016

A to Z Reflections - 2016

Another Blogging from A to Z Challenge conquered, and I'm happy with my April presentation.

I met some new steady readers and I hope they continue to enjoy my blog. My theme for 2016 was very short poems for the letter of the day and the impending transition to the next day. I wanted a flow from Apropos to Zeal. I meandered from serious to light (and got folks hungry for waffles). All in all, it seemed as if folks enjoyed the journey.

In turn, I browsed the A to Z list the first week and landed on a selection of blogs that I chose to read every day. I had planned to explore more of the list but was time challenged.

Thus - some new found friends and faves include: - tremendous limerick, poetry, and mad writing skills. I'm blown away - she explored unsolved mysteries. Good writing. - a fun look back at movie soundtracks. Oh we must have been music buddies back in the day. - Betty gave us a tour of Arizona. She brought the heat in a cool way - Pat Hatt's wacky rhyming ass had me laughing every single day - I sailed away and learned about living aboard a boat

And I have to give a shout out to two steady faves - Al at Penwasser Place and Robyn at Life by Chocolate. Standing ovation and kudos to their humor and presentation. YUGE,  Absolutely YUGE.

Another good blog friend is Sue McPeak at Collectin Texas Gal - an artistic mix of pictures and words

And thanks Alex Cavanaugh for being everywhere in blog world - amazing and generous

As far as the A to Z team - thanks for all of the support. I had minions visiting - they were everywhere. I think it's all well presented and well documented as to how to participate. The artwork letters are gorgeous. The only frustration is going to the list and spending time clicking on links where folks aren't participating or give up. I don't know how (in the world of software) you could auto delete them due to lack of activity (?).

I look into the blog pool and reflect on the talent in this world. I am in AWE of April A to Z.


  1. Awww, honored to be included on that list! I'm so glad I found you. So you found that grabbing a bunch of great blogs the first week was the key? I'm not planning to post next year, but I may still try to find some great blogs to read.

  2. I loved your posts for the challenge, they were all so clever. I didn't comment on them all, but I was reading :-)

  3. Hi Joanne - you did well with your poems and they did lead on ... and great list you've given us of bloggers you enjoyed ..

    I agree the A-Z team do really well - it's great they are on board the A-Z train challenge! Cheers Hilary

  4. Thanks for the shout out and for enjoying my posts of Arizona :)

    I did enjoy your daily writings :)

    I was part of a minion crew this year and had 15 numbers on the list assigned to me to check out to make sure they were keeping up with the challenge, etc. The blog titles would change as people were removed from the list. I reported several blogs that weren't participating as part of my minion duties as well as reported other blogs that I had visited that were stuck on a letter (like B when we should have been on H) or those that didn't start the challenge etc. I do know blogs were being removed, maybe not those particular ones the days you went to visit, but probably they eventually did get removed.

    My biggest frustration was leaving comments on some people's blogs. It was an ordeal and then in some cases I couldn't see my comment afterwards so wasn't it had even "took."

    All in all, a great challenge!


    1. All in all it is well organized. Thanks for all your visits

  5. I follow some of those excellent bloggers!
    Glad you had a good time.
    And my clones were doing their best to be everywhere.

  6. Glad my rhyming ass was grand in my land haha yeah, many did quit or didn't even do it who were on the list. Others were all about "me" and never commented back either.

  7. I enjoyed your A to Z poems. It was fun to see how you transitioned to each next word. :)

  8. I am so blown away to be on that list! Thank you.

    I enjoyed your theme and posts that I was able to read, but I was time challenged too :)

    Completely in Agreement with you over the Awe and Alex! As you can see I am lapsing back into A-Z mode still.

    Best always,

  9. It's nice to find some new bloggers after the A-Z challenge. I may have to check out a few on your list.

  10. I enjoyed your little poems as well. I was following along with some of those you mentioned as well. I am going to check out the others now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks and glad we could meet through blogging