Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A to Z Challenge - B

and we are off and running in the challenge.

Most popular names of the 1920s - Betty for girls

Betty and Barbara in the 1930s

and in 2010 - Boys names with B - Benjamin, Brayden, and Brody
Girls in 2010 - Brianna, Brooklyn, and Bella

as for my B character names - Drat -  Beatrix is taken thanks to Divergent

Thus I shall pick Blair - it's Scottish and means "from the field of battle".  This young lady will have cropped red hair, piercing green eyes, and she carries a sword in her left hand. Fleet of foot, she helps her village regain their riverfront rights.

As for a boy - I pick Baldwin. From the German, it means "a brave friend", and I think my gal Blair could use a faithful follower. Baldwin is shy, but reliable and resourceful. He's able to extract secrets from other towns, just by blending into the background and listening.

(source - Complete Book of Baby Names edited by Lesley Bolton)


  1. I've always liked Briana just so the short version is Bree after the horse in one of the Narnia books hehe. I like Blaine too, that's the name of a character in one of my novels. :)

  2. In my 'bottom drawer of stagnating manuscripts' I have a story with a main character called Bethany. I love that name!

  3. Three guesses where Bella came from! It's interesting the impact that books can have on name choices.
    I’m an A to Z helper this year, so I’ll be checking back to make sure everything’s OK :)

  4. I've used Benjamin, and for some reason I never shortened it to Ben in the novel - the full name felt right.

  5. I do like Baldwin,but I think 'He's such a Baldwin" from Clueless, as in the used to be hot Baldwin brothers. Haha!

    Really like your style :)

  6. You know I think you're just fabulous.