Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Nothing like an N Name

Nothing in 1920

2010 - boys - Noah, Nathan, Nicholas (oh my beloved Nick appears)
Girls - Naomi, Natalia

Let's explore N
Naama -(Hebrew) an attractive woman
Nabiha (Arabic) one who is intelligent. Could these two women work together?
Nyura (Ukranian) A graceful woman
Nousha (Iranian) a sweet woman

Men - Nael - (Gaelic) - a celebrated birth  My guess is this guy is an ass
Nagid (Hebrew) a great leader
Namdev (Indian) a poet or saint.  He's going to annoy Nagid to no end
Nordin (Norse) a handsome man.  He's going to charm all of the above ladies, that's for sure.
Nuriel (Hebrew) - God's light

Never say never as to who will woo whom. Nice batch of names


  1. Was Natalie a name in 1920? Just curious about that one...

    1. It might have existed. I'm just going by the top 20 in boys and girls for 1920

  2. I love Noah! Also my favorite N name is Nathaniel (or Nathan for short). :) I actually can't think of any girl names that I like... hmmm! I like these names you're sharing. Does your name book have pronunciations? I have no idea how to say most of them hehe.

  3. Very interesting names...I can hardly wait until we get to X, Y and Z!!

    Happy A to Z :)

  4. Very interesting and diverse choices today! No North West? Haha

    I like Nick too and Nathan or Nate. Naomi is a cool girls name too.

    Curious what names you'll share with us tomorrow and what adventures these characters will get into :)