Saturday, April 5, 2014

A to Z - Energetic and Enigmatic - Let's Look at E

D was a tad Dull.  Let's hope some E names prove to be Ebullient

1920s popularity - no boys or girls
2010 - Ethan, Elijah, and Evan for boys
Emma, Elizabeth, and Ella for girls

Let's kick the E names up a notch:
Young ladies - Ebony (Egyptian)  A dark beauty - no doubt enigmatic
Edel (German) A clever woman
Esen (Turkish)  Of the wind

Young men - Egan (Gaelic)  A little flame. One who is fiery.  (Kick-ass!)
Ezio (Italian)  resembling an eagle (how can you go wrong with this guy?)
Enos (Hebrew)  a man.    Guess he can be molded into any form.

My grandfather's name was Elmer (English) a famous nobleman.  I just remember a kind man who wore suspenders.

any E - men in your past?


  1. My son is Elijah '91. I was a bit ahead of the curve.

  2. I love E names! My oldest is Ethan. My Paw Paw was Elton. My niece is Ellie. I also like Eden for a girl. Ellis or Eli or Elias for a boy. Love the E's

  3. Such strange names, I may use them in my fiction - we don't have paw paw in the UK. It's nice to follow and connect

  4. There have been a few Evans. Lots of Ellas!

  5. I don't know many people with E names... I know a Eugene and an Edward but that's all I can think of off hand. I don't think I have any favorites either unless you count Enzo, but I've only ever seen it as animal names and I have no idea what it means or if there are any humans with that name.

  6. Anyone without bloated EGO has been quite un-Expected.

    Keep rolling.