Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A to Z Challenge - M - money names

M - Marooned on an island?  Married with ten kids? Morose?   What characters evolve from the letter M?

1920s popularity - no boys, Margaret for girls. 

2010 - boys - Michael, Mason, Matthew
girls - Madison, Morgan, Maya, Mackenzie, Madelyn, Madeline, Melanie, and Mariah

We have a grandchild named Makyla.  She's awesome smart at age five almost six. But my rule that I joke about is you should name a child if you can get a Christmas ornament with that name. Not custom mind you. Just a flat out ornament. Oops - Makyla does not meet that requirement. And one of her kindergarten teachers argued with her as she wrote her name. The teacher kept writing Makayla.  Nope.  Makyla knew it was Makyla and the poor kid got in trouble for insubordination.

So, let's root for other magnificent M names - Mackenzie (Gaelic) - daughter of a wise leader, a fiery woman.
Magnolia - the flowering tree. She's going to appear soft and appealing, but she's a southern belle with flash
Mahogany (English) the rich dark wood
Mireille (French) one who is greatly admired

Mystique (French) - woman with an air of mystery. Let's see Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in X Men this summer. oh yeah!

boys - Macallister (Gaelic) - just like this name
Let's just say the whole roster of Mac names rules
Mulazz - (Arabic) a powerful man
Moses (Hebrew) a savior...................well, that's the name of the day

Lots of M to choose from - give me your faves


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  2. Magnolia...ooh, pretty. She'd probably end up going by Maggie, but maybe not, since Maggie isn't "in" anymore!

  3. My mother in law said don't pick a name that wouldn't look good on a business card. Sound advice, I thought :) But isn't it funny how names end up fitting ;)

    I like Mackensie, too. Mack for short - that's fun. Marianne from Sense & Sensibility. I am ready to see XMen too btw so Mystique sounds cool. I have always liked Megan, too.

    Matthew is classic but I may be biased on that one