Friday, April 18, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Putz or Perfect - P names

P should be Perfect or Prissy or Party-on Dude

Nothing from the 1920s

2010 - Boys - I am shocked - not even Patrick makes this list.  What?

Girls - Peyton, Payton, and Paige. It's a sorority.

I've got good friends named Patricia but they go by Trish.  P's get no respect

Pacifica (Spanish) a peaceful woman
Pacquita (Latin) - unbounded and free
Palani (Hawaiian) free and independent
Paradise (English) from the perfect place

Men - Pitt (English) from the ditch. He's going to have to work his way back into good graces
Phoebus (Greek) - a radiant man
Plutarco (greek) a wicked man
Prine (English) one who surpasses others
Pusan (Hindi) a wise man, sage.

Lots of good P names.  don't let Puma (resembling a mountain lion) pounce ..............

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  1. I like Paige. Perry maybe? I liked Pavarti in Harry Potter. ;). Looking forward to your Q names