Thursday, April 3, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Casting Characters. C

I'm casting characters based on a name book. I tend to get bogged down in boring, so this April I'm looking at options.  Hope you enjoy my journey and feel free to pipe up with an awesome name.

From the way past - my grandmother's name was Clarissa
My husband's grandmother was Cleo
Not a lot of those running around these days

1920s - no popular girls names.   Charles for boys
1930s - no girls.  Charles hung in there

2010 - Christopher, Christian, and Caleb for boys
Chloe, Charlotte, and Claire popped up for girls.

Now for casting a character - how about a gal named Cadence (latin) a musical woman, rhythmic and melodious?  I might use this for a showgirl. Too obvious....nah

Okay - this is weird - in the boy's category they list Crowther (English) meaning a fiddler
 That's my maiden name.  Who knew?
Let's throw in another boy's name -  Cuthbert (English) meaning bright and famous. He can be a lawyer in my book.

The letter C is Crazy


  1. Yay for Cuthbert - there really need to be more of them in the world :-)

  2. Those are great names! I have a friend named Candace, which means "light." Faulkner's Caddie in The Sound and the Fury is one of the most vivid characters I've encountered. Her proper name was Candace, too, I believe. Good post!

  3. I wonder if Clarissa and Cleo will come back.

    1. I've met a young Clarissa. I think Cleo is a tough one - maybe if it's a family name

  4. Wow I don't think I have any favorite C names... not right off the top of my head anyway. Charles (and Charlie) still seem popular these days. I'm surprised it's not still on that list. This is such a fun topic for A to Z!

  5. I love unique names but not names that I have a hard time pronouncing. If I am reading I don't want to get bogged down with a name because ultimately I will end up calling the character how I think the name is pronounced only to find out later how off I am.
    I do love Claire for a girl.
    Cheers, Michelle

  6. So nice to C you in A to Z! Love the name facts!

  7. Cumberbatch! I can't believe I didn't make my C post al about the greatness that is Benedict Cumberbatch! That's quite a name for you!

    Cassandra Clare's City of Bones series has a character named Clary I think it is - which I thought was cool. Her Clockwork Series characters were Tessa, Jem and Will Herondale. I didn't love everything about her books but I always did love the names.

    Enjoying your posts! ;)