Thursday, April 17, 2014

A to Z Challenge - O Dear

O dear, no O names in 1920s. Not even Ophelia - you would think that Shakespeare name could stand the test of time

2010 -
Boys - Owen and Oliver made the cut
Girls - Olivia  is it

What shall I pick?   Females:
October (American) born during Autumn. Indeed - I'm an October gal, so this is a good name
Ode - (English/Greek) traveler of the road.  I love to travel, so this hits my heartstrings
Opal - (Sanskriti) a treasured jewel.  I have an opal from Australia - we traveled there and loved it.
Ozora (Hebrew) one who is wealthy.  She can buy lots of opals.

Men -
It's not in my book but I'm going to pick Odibe - former Texas Ranger baseball player.
Obedience (American) a well behaved man. This is fantasy. A totally manufactured man.......
Okal (African )  to cross.  Uh-oh. sounds like trouble in whatever story I write
Owen (welsh)  a wellborn man, a youthful man.  Yes, I like Owen Wilson, so just go with it.

O dear - do you have an O-man in your life?


  1. No men with a name that starts with an 'o'. How about a dog instead? Odie, LOL

  2. I like October! I don't care so much for Opal--it sounds like something that would belong to an elderly woman.

  3. Oneri...pronounced O-na-ry...a first cousin born in the 1920's...there ya go a female by the way. I bet you can guess what everyone called her and still do....Onery as in stinker. Having been out of town and getting behind, I'm catching up with posting and visiting...hope you can stop by.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  4. How about a king and an Egyptian god?

    OGONI - Ruler of Nobatia with its Red and Black Noba tribes;
    and OSIRE (Osiris), Supreme God of the Underworld.

    (Oh, shame. I had to go look up my own glossary fin KHAMSIN, The Devil Wind of The Nile). How quickly one forgets.

  5. LOL - that manufactured man is hilarious. And true! Owen Wilson is good.

    Oriah - poet who wrote The Invitation comes to mind.

    Oscar. Orville. Hmm I'm out ;)

  6. You can't really shorten the name Ophelia, can you. I love the name Odie from the Garfield cartoon.