Thursday, April 10, 2014

A to Z Challenge: me, my, I

I  - singular. It's all about the person.

2010 popular names -
boys: Isaac, Isaiah, Ian
girls: Isabella  (prettiest Isabella in my opinion is Isabella Rossellini - her mother was Ingrid Bergman - good genes all around)

For characters -
actually I've always liked Ian (Gaelic) from John, God is gracious
Ignatius (Latin) - a fiery man, one who is ardent. He's going to lead the fight
Ingram (Scandinavian)  a raven of peace.  He's going to quietly battle Ignatius and will win.

Ladies - step forward
Isaura (Greek) of the soft breeze.  She'll be the flighty best friend
Ita (irish) one who is thirsty - she shall always be seeking the truth
Iwa (Japanese) of strong character.  she'll stand her ground

Lots of strong "I" names - not a conventional letter obviously


  1. 'Isaura' Love that one.
    I had to find a name that I could shorten into Sham. In the end I went with a Hebrew name Shamira.

  2. 'I' names sound nice in whatever language. Agreed! Nicely Joanne!


  3. I love Ian. Great name. I like Iris or Ivy for a girl. I actually like names that start with vowels. :)

  4. Irene is another good I girl's name. There's something about names that start with vowels. Some of them are so interesting and attractive.

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  5. I gotta say I prefer Ida to Ita - I have enjoyed reading your characters based on names and don't think it was at all selfish of you to claim J for Joanne :)

  6. I like Isaura too. I've never heard of that one... I'll have to look up how it is pronounced. I like the name Ian too. :)