Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A to Z challenge - Sassy S Names

Sassy, saucy, serene, or sneaky - I'm sure we all know folks with S names that embody those adjectives.

No S names in the 1920s
2010 - boys included Samuel and Sebastian
girls listed Sophia, Samantha, Sarah, Savannah, Serenity

Now let's discover some new S names for characters
Sable (English) one who is sleek
Saffi  (Danish)  having great wisdom
Sveta (Slavic) a brilliant star's light     Saffi and Sveta should join forces - they can rule the world
Shayla (Irish) of the fairy palace
Sefarina (greek) of a gentle wind.    Yes, she might appear calm, but I bet some of the men below can get her riled up

Sacha (Russian) helper and defender of mankind
Santo (Italian) a holy man
Sawyer (English) one who works with wood  ( I like this name)
Seamus (Irish)  he who supplants.  I always picture a rollicking storyteller
Swift (anglo-saxon) one who is fast
Sullivan (Gaelic)  having dark eyes.   I'm betting he can rile Sefarina

So, who Sulks, Squanders, and Sears your soul?



  1. I have a Samuel so I am slightly biased on this one ;)

    I do really like Sawyer. And Sveta is cool.

    Seamus is not pronounced how I thought it would be. I read the Harry Potter books thinking if it totally wrong and when I heard it in the movie I was like OH - well that's super cool! ;)

  2. Stephanie isn't on any lists anymore. I do like Sefarina. Maybe I should change my name to that!

  3. LOVE this post stopping by from a-z playing catch up on post is harder for me....i am following you now and hope you will follow back

  4. Saffi is a great name, but the sassiest S I can think of is Sadie, of course ;-)

  5. Sefarina is a pretty name. It would be ironic though if she turned out to be super-mean and bad tempered. Added incentive for her to acquire peace of soul, to avoid being ironically named.