Monday, April 28, 2014

A to Z Challenge: X marks the Spot where this character is born

Xavier (Basque/Arabic)  one who is bright.   That is THE X name by far and it's on the 2010 list.
Let's see who can join him as an X-Man

Xan (Hebrew) one who is well fed
Xanto (Greek) a blonde-haired man
Xenon (Greek) a stranger
Xiomar (Spanish) one who is famous in battle
Xue (Chinese) a studious young man
Xun (Chinese) one who is swift

Ladies -
Xanadu (African) from the exotic paradise
Xara (Hebrew) form of Sarah meaning princess, lady
Xenia (Greek) one who is hospitable
Xiu (Chinese) one who is elegant
Xola (African) stay in peace
Xyza (Gothic) of the sea  (wonder how this is pronounced?)

X is a challenge, but will stand out in roll coll


  1. We have friends that recently named their son Xavier. Bit of an odd choice I think...mostly because I can't decide if it's pronounced EX-ay-vee-er or Zay-vee-er LOL

  2. X is a difficult one. I think it might be because we find it so hard to pronounce.

  3. X names are interesting, I always pronounce them with a Z, but when names have a different origin that has to be taken into consideration. I like your A-Z idea, I am constantly looking for unique character names, which also suite the person.

  4. Wow...I'm amazed at your X-Men and X-Women. When this is over, you will have quite a glossary of names to fit any character you can think of for any genre and from any planet.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  5. We have a friend named Xander, short for Alexander. I like that.

    Good job with your X names! Man I am struggling on my X post now :)