Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Troublemakers? T character names

Doubting Thomas?  or Tess of the d'Urbervilles?  Let's explore the letter T

1920s - No T names at all
2010 - boys had Tyler, Thomas, and Tristan
Girls name call had Taylor and that's it.

Let's name some characters in my next books with the letter T

Taffy (Welsh) one who is much loved.  She strikes me as a bit wifty too
Taisa (Greek) one who has a bond
Tawny (Irish) a warm sandy color. Oh yeah, she's a hot one
Tempest (French) stormy and turbulent. Life can be exciting but difficult with this young lady
Tzilla (Hebrew) a defender of her loved ones
Topaz (Latin) resembling the yellow gemstone

Taban (gaelic) a genius
Tahoe (Native American)  snowy mountain peak
Talmadge (English) one who loves nature
Tau (African) resembling a lion.  He's going to annoy Tawny or Tempest
Titus (greek) a great defender
Tybalt (latin) seeks the truth
Tywysog (welsh)  born to royalty. A prince.  (how do you say this. I bet he goes by his middle name - Ray) (or kids tease him by calling him soggy)

Time to tiptoe and trill T names...........your faves?


  1. Taffy is cute. It was the name of my husband's first dog, though!

  2. I think Thomas is a positively delightful name. :) And Tom. No reason. No reason at all ;)

    I like Tyler.

    Wonder if we will see a surge in girls named Tris?

    Boys named Tyrion. Hopefully not Tyein, though it is a cool name

  3. Oops TYPO - meant Tywin

    And Thomas is still the best!

  4. Tristan is a favourite! I had a 'ending in a' going with my kids. Maybe I can talk one of mine into Tristan as a grandbaby!

  5. I've seen some of these names in Shakespeare plays. He was big on names I think. And name-related drama.