Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Dastardly or Daring Names

I'm trying to come up with names that mean something for characters in my future books. April is a good month to explore.

Popular in 1920s - boys - Donald (rather bland)
Girls - Dorothy and Doris (Ray's (my husband)  great aunt Dorothy is a pip, so much to be said for that name)

How about in 2010?  Boys - Daniel, David, and Dylan (all three are nice and conventional. Maybe Dylan is poetic)
Girls - Destiny (rather daring),

Let's dig into my list and make some bold choices
Darcie (English) A dark beauty - okay potentially dastardly or daring
Daring (American) - hmm. That's way too obvious

Dwade (English) - a dark traveler.   (this name has potential)
Dugan (gaelic) - A dark and swarthy man  (even more potential)
Drefan (Anglo-Saxon) - a troublemaker (now we're talking)

too many D names were happy and from nature (i.e. Daisy).


  1. My absolute favorite D name is Dominic. I've always loved it since I was a little kid. :) Weird thing is I never knew anyone with that name until a few years ago and even then only indirectly.

    Also my grandpa's name is Donald, but he goes by Don. :)

    This name exploration is so fun! What a great idea for the A to Z challenge.

    1. Thanks. I forgot about Dominic - I've liked that name too, but I always shorten it to Nick.

  2. Dorian is my favourite D girl's name. I like your choice of Dugan, especially if he's dark and swarthy!!

  3. I love Darcie or Darcy. For a boy, Dugan seems unique

  4. I like Dwade, Dugan and Drefan. All are rich with meaning and unusual -- and not as likely as more common names to already exist in folks' memory banks with personal histories attached. :)

    Happy writing!