Friday, April 11, 2014

A to Z Challenge - J is for Joanne

 Selfishly I shall share J with no other names.  I am Joanne. I've always liked my name. It has caused no issues through the years. My father liked Joanne Woodward - excellent actress, married to Paul Newman (my mother's fave). Thus I was their first born and named Joanne. Apparently no argument at all. I'm fine with this. Joanne Woodward, now age 84, was superb and smart.  Check out the pics below

Here I am at the Abilene Writers' Conference in March.  Do I look like a Jacqueline, Jade, Jewel, Jillian, Jocelyn, Jubilee, or Juno?
Nope -  Just Joanne

Contribute J names folks - the sky is the limit..........................


  1. Just Joanne....perfect for the Letter 'J' as are the photos of Joanne and Paul...favorites of mine, as well. You do have a 'Joy' look about you, though...nice smile and pretty hair.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  2. Joanne is perfect! Love Joanne and Paul too as Sue said above, faves of mine too. Thanks for stopping by!
    Katy Did

    Life's Ride In Between

  3. Lovely pics - all :) Joanne is a great name. Joy is good. It was my late grandmother's name and is my middle name so I have a special fondness for that one :)

    I like Jacob (long before Twilight!), James and Jensen

    Have a great weekend ;)

  4. I get really annoyed when I find people who have the same name as me. It's funny how we get about our names :)

  5. Joanne is a nice name for a nice person. Love the retro pics too. ;)

  6. Yep you look like a Joanne to me. Pretty name!

    I liked Jasmine when I was a kid. Probably because of Aladdin lol. I've always loved the name Josh (my favorite boy name I think). I used to like the name Jason until I met someone that I can't stand (very arrogant, chauvinist, demeaning kind of person)... so now that name makes me think of him so I don't like it anymore. Sad really... I also really like Janine, Jace, Jeff, Jamie, Jade, Jaden, Jessie, Jay, Jasper, Jessica, Jewel and Julia... yeah J names are my favorite!