Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Norse Goddesses - G

G equals lots of Goddess types. This can make for some fun characters. I'm going out on a limb with some unpronounceable names, but let's just GO with it

Boy names from 1920s and 1930s - George.  That's my father's name and he's bemoaned the fact that often George characters are wimpy.
But - 2013 brought us the new Prince George - now very cool. "Hold your head high, Dad."

No girl names from the 1920s or 30s
In 2010 - Grace, Gabriella, and Gianna get a nod

Here are my picks for some characters - Gjalp (Norse) in mythology - the frost giantess. If I ever write fantasy, this gal could overpower many.
Gota is Swedish meaning having great strength.
Gudrun is Scandinavian - a battle maiden.  Sounds like I have a war story to create

For the males  - Grail (English) one who is greatly desired
Grant - a tall man (and he must have dark hair, I think.  hmm secretly channeling Cary Grant?)
And let's have Gunnar (Scandinavian) - he's our bold warrier.

The G-men are tough. (Even George, now)


  1. What a shame your Dad didn't like his name. It's a name of Kings in the UK! I wonder if Gwen short for Gwendoline would have been a 1920s girls name.

  2. Such a fun theme! I was always proud that Elizabeth was a royal name...figured that made me a princess ;)

    I have to admit, when it's a name I can't pronounce in a book, I change it to something I can manage...like George!

  3. Love these manly names. Thanks for the comments on my blog! http://bellesbazaar-heather.blogspot.com/

  4. I think of Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park, I love the name Grant. I also love Gregory for some reason. Suzanne Collin's Pre-Hunger Games series, Gregor the Underlander is really quite good so I like Gregor too.

    Loving your theme. :)

  5. I've always liked Gabrielle, but not so much with the A on the end. :)

  6. Oh and I almost forgot! Genevieve! I have always loved that name and to this day I've never used it in one of my novel.... why?? I need to remedy that hehe.