Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z Challenge: F for the Faries Boys

Greetings to F day. I'm deviating slightly from my normal pick character names. Since our last name is Faries, I decided to bring in a guest picker: my husband Ray Faries. When I met him, he already had two boys - from 1979 - Christopher Ray and from 1981 Kevin Michael - now stalwart upstanding young men with families.

"So Ray, let's look outside the box. What boy names would you pick today?"
(admittedly he'd stick with Chris and Kevin, but let's pretend he goes crazy. Yes I made him pick)

Flint Faries -  Flint is from the English and means resembling the hard quartz; from the stream.
Rather cool, edgy. I like it

Flux Faries  - Flux is from the English and means one who is constantly moving. Actually that fits Kevin - always on the go with projects.  Or for Chris - he has truly moved a lot due to jobs.

As an added bonus - Ray picked Farrah for a girl.  Gee, do you think he worshipped a Farrah Fawcett poster?
Farrah is from English/Arabic and means fair haired woman. Hello, Charlie's Angels.......

Thanks Ray Faries for participating in F day.


  1. dropping by from A to Z! Did you know that #1 son was born in Texas, my pumpkin was born in Austin and I now live in Philly? Small world huh?

    1. and; I moved from Philly area a long time ago. It is a small world. Thanks for visiting

  2. Very cute to include your hubby in the A to Z!

  3. This is so charming, a family AZ post :)

    Damyanti, AtoZ Challenge 2014 cohost

  4. How cool to let your husband join in the fun! :D

  5. nice to drop by and meet you Joanne
    certainly a lot of wordsplashing going on
    Sandra (aust) a to zer @ life without television

  6. Scanned a few of your A-Z articles, then rushed out to see Cap'n America 2 last night so only returning now, Joanne. Interesting stuff how names change in popularity. We're adopting more US conventions in Europe, where you'll use names that were typically family names, as first names. Like Taylor or Tyler. I dunno if that's good or bad! :-) Re your grandfather, I love names like Elmer and Eldon and Sheldon. I love waspish names along with Greek/Russian/Iranian/whatever surnames too, or vice versa. Does it say on your blog where your family name comes from? It's an interesting one, alright! Best to you and good luck with the challenge.