Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Hail H names

Hercules, Hades, Harper - names evoke emotions

2010 popular names for boys - Hunter, Henry, and Hayden
Girls - Hailey, Hannah, and Hayden

Let's see what catches my eye in the H category:
Males - Heathcliff (English) from the cliff near the heath. I can't do justice to Wuthering Heights, but it's a great name and I'm using it.

Heaton (English) from the town on high ground.  Sounds like money to me.
Hewett (French) the small intelligent one.  could have fun with this fellow as he sneaks through a mystery.

Ladies - Harlow (American) an impetuous woman. She's going to be strong and sassy
Haze - (American) one who is spontaneous. I see her on a motorcycle
Hye (Korean) a graceful woman.  She'll be a classy heroine

Any H names from you?  I have a good friend named Helen - not many kids named that these days. Will it come back?


  1. An interesting and productive theme for future writing....character names. I browsed back to your letter A and caught up to today. I like the way you have taken names from the past and compared them to today's popular names. As for the 'H' names, I used Hannah in my 'H' post, so guess I'll have to go with that. From my ancestry family ... Howell has been passed down as a first and last name. I do like the older names. I too have a friend named Helen. Thanks for stopping by and it that your grandmother was a suffragette...nice to meet you...I'll be back.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  2. I love the name Heathcliff. Although, Hades does have a ring to it! It can stand the test of time.

  3. I am diggin' Heaton and Harlow. Both are great. I do also like Henry. I just may need to use that one.

    Boardwalk Empire had a character named Richard Harrow. I think. Anyway I like Harrow.

    Look forward to seeing your entry for I :) Ichabod? ;)

  4. I know sooooo many Hannahs!! That name must have been hugely popular twenty years ago lol. At one time I had three coworkers named Hannah... talk about confusing! I always thought the name Holly was fairly popular too. I can't really think of any H names that I've always liked off of the top of my head...

  5. I know a Heather but she's a pain in the butt!

    Great theme you had this year! I love going through names. I always have my pen and pad out during football games and movie credits for when I hear or see a great name.

    I just grabbed 'Rafferty' from your list. Gonna finish through A to find myself a first name to go with it!

    Thanks for all the blog support for Stormy and I this month!